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This months questions are from Liz and Robert

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Have you ever been in/fancy being in a musical?


I have been in two musicals Yakety Yak in 1983 and I played Sandy in Grease in 1984.


Have you written an autobiography ?


Yes in 2010 Pulling Myself Together which can be found on amazon. I have a follow up called Starting Over out in September x


Would you ever live outside the uk?


I would love to live in the Caribbean in winter but I will always live here xx

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Previous May Questions

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Is there anything you regret when you was in the BB house?


I probably regret the hot tub night only because of the out rage that it seemed to cause in the newspapers.


What or who is your fravourite loose women past or pressant ?


Me! only joking with the odd exeption I love them all! x


What are you looking forward to in 2012 xx


My tour of Steel Magnolias starting on april the 2nd, and some exciting projects brewing for next year. Will tell you about them as soon as I can.