Well, whether I’m talking about serious issues or joking around, I am always willing to reveal my own experiences - however personal or however much trouble I get myself in!


Since joining Loose Women in 2005, I’ve shocked the panel with my insightful revelations – from admitting I’ve had eye surgery, turning up to the wrong awards ceremony and dishing the dirt on my husband Tim Healy’s hilarious bad habits in a certain room downstairs!


During serious debates, I hope people think I’m equally honest and open. Having spoken about my battle with depression, the response I get when I talk about it is always great.


As well as being a Loose Woman, I've also appeared in the BBC drama Waterloo Road as flirtatious French teacher Steph Haydock. Before that you may have recognised me from having appeared on Coronation Street and Soldier, Soldier. I have to admit, when I’m away filming I always miss being on the Loose Women panel.


My television break came in 1983 when I played Jimmy Nail’s estranged wife Francis in Spender, then I went on to play Polly (the tart with a heart) in children’s drama Biker Grove.


I starred alongside actor Tim Healy, in a drama he was in called A Kind of Living where my character dumped him. We were reunited on screen again when Tim appeared in Waterloo Road as the school’s security guard and yet again my character dumped him. Is a bit of a pattern emerging?


When in Solider, Solider I performed You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me. The show was such a hit with viewers they decided to release it as double A-side along with Cry Me A River in 1995. The single reached No. 23 and stayed in the charts for three weeks.


I never got to go on Top of the Pops but Simon Cowell wanted to sign me - I’m not lying! - but it was before he was the powerful man he is now. Oh and the video is now been voted one of the top 10 worst videos ever! (Something I’m actually really proud of.)


I joined Coronation Street in 1997 as Natalie Horricks. My character soon began an affair with Sally Webster’s husband Kevin. Can you remember the classic moment Sally slapped Natalie across the face when she discovered what the pair were up to? It wasn’t much fun rolling around on those cobble stones.


I have two sons, Matthew and Louis. Matthew is in a band called The 1975 and I’m often at this gigs and become an embarrassing mum.