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Paid surveys money – I found a Way you can Make $1000/Month

$1,000 in Paid surveys? That must be a scam!

Kindly give me your attention for 5 minutes, and I’ll prove you wrong!

In previous articles like make money taking surveys and others I have revealed how you can how long does inboxdollars take to pay and make 4 – 5 figure income. That’s if you dedicate your time to the steps I outlined and treat it like a business that it is.

Now I have even better news. By the end of this article you will be equipped with an information that can make you $1000 or more in the next 30 days.

I always put my ears down and do a lot of research before writing any of my blog articles. Same goes for my paid surveys blog here. This is because I like to bring you only the best of complete information.

During a recent search for news on further ways to make money with paid surveys, I discovered the ebook ‘Paid Surveys Empire’.

Always wanting to know lastest talk about my niche I downloaded and read it.

This book tells you how to make money from paid online surveys with advice and recommendations coming from an insider Mr. Imran Qureshi.

The book also contain lots of free to join paid survey sites and focus group.

Though like most others he left out how to really maximize your earnings in paid surveys which the above article link discussed in detail. But I recommend the ebook for beginners who desire to make money from surveys.

Don’t think I’m discussing this to completely promote what’s on the inside of the ebook. No, well, yes of course. If I haven’t read the ebook and believe it could help you I wouldn’t be bringing it to you.

Since this blog was set up to show you how to make money taking surveys, my primary reason here is to show you how to make at least a 4 figure income in the next 30 days with the ebook.

That’s if you’ll take the action it requires.

Apart from the Paid Surveys Empire eboook being a great book, it allows you the right to Re-brand it.

Remove his name add your name. Remove his website add yours and remove his affiliate links and add yours! Oh, by the way the ebook is free to download. No download link yet, until I am sure I have your full attention.

You can become a proud owner of this ebook by buying the Re-brand rights for just $7. Did I hear you say, ‘I should have known she is trying to sell me something?!’ That’s so not true! As you can still download the book and make a 4 figure income in 30 days without buying the Re-brand rights!

The Re-brand rights just really gives you a great added opportunity.

How to Make a 4 figure income with Paid Surveys Empire

Simple. If you don’t want to utilize the great potential the Re-brand right offers you (which I am sure you will when you finish reading this article), others will.

Imran the author of the book allows you to download this book for free with the URL buy the Re-brand right (If you want) and change the URL to Then send people to download the book through your customized link.

If people you send there buys the Re-brand rights which is always the case, the $7 paid for the Re-brand right is then immediately sent to the paypal account (the email you included into the URL). That’s a 100% commission!

Let’s assume that one out of the people you send there daily buys the Re-brand right, that’s $200 in 30 days!

If you make two sale of Re-brand rights, that’s $400!

But you said $1000 in 30 days!

I know, I know! Take it easy. This is just one way to make money from the paid surveys empire ebook. Moreover that was just a senerio. If you really run with this information, you could be making 10 sales a month, which equals $2,100!

How much you can make from this opportunity really depends on you. At times making money online is very easy if you find an opportunity as easy as this and run with it.

Added ways to Make Money – Buying the Re-brand Right

Now what follows next is really the reason I brought this to you. I realized that the opportunity helps your paid survey business itself.

If you are interested in paid surveys or you are already into it, this could really take your business to the next level.

Remember in the article make money taking surveys (link above) I revealed the secret to maximizing surveys earnings. And that is to join paid survey networks that offer 3 tier referral programs. I even suggested some to you which are cashcrate, squishycash and Maximum paid surveys affiliate program.

That way you don’t depend on the merger amount you make from filling online surveys. You leverage on the efforts of others, so even while you don’t fill a single survey, you still make good money every month.

I doubt if I have seen any surveys site revealing this method of making money from paid surveys. But trust me, hundreds of people are making a 4 figure monthly this way.

Now what bothers people when it comes to referring is how do I get people? Here is a solution added to the ones already discussed in the article How to Promote Referral Links

Get the Re-brand right for the ebook. Then sign up to some great 3 tier survey referral programs. You already have 3 to start with (click each link to read their review). Your investment is just $7 that can make you much much more.

Add your referral links across the book. The author already provided you with free valuable content. When you have the Re-brand rights you can even create a blog on paid online surveys and use some of the content to fill your site. Just do little editing just in case some other persons who have the Re-brand right are already using some of the content.

Your right also allows you to sell the ebook.

So you add your affiliate links which will bring you referrals who will make you more money and then sell it and make much more.

There are lots of ways to monetize the book if you want. I had to reframe myself from saying: ‘I found a way to make $8,000 from paid surveys” so I am not seen as a scammer. But that wouldn’t be exaggerating. You can make that much if only you’ll see the opportunity and run with it.

Other benefits the Re-brand Right Offers

Ebooks are one of the ways to leverage on the power of viral marketing, because it will continue to move from hand to hand. As it does, more traffic to your website and affiliate sites. Both directly equals more money to you.

You also build credibility especially if you are a newbie online. People wouldn’t do business with you except they know you. Having an ebook with your name on it, immediately promotes and brand you.

The readers of the ebook will be grateful to you since the book contains lot of helpful links to websites that will be useful to them whether they are newbies or experienced internet marketers.

You can add other make money ebooks from clickbank to the book and have your affiliate link spread as the ebook spreads.

If you already have subscribers, you can directly sell the ebook to them without spending any extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How am I sure I will get paid when people buy Re-Brand rights from my link?

When someone accesses the site with your paypal email (attached to the link as shown above) the email is cloaked automatically. So even when the person does not buy the Re-brand rights immediately, you still get paid when he eventually does.

Can I download or buy the Re-brand rights from my own link?

Do I need a Domain to Host the ebook?

No. The author already hosts the ebook at the link above. All you do is not adjust the URL and start promoting it.

How Do I Promote the ebook link to Get Re-Brand Right Buyers So that I can Make $7?

If you already have a blog/website, especially if it’s related to make money from home, even better if the site is about paid surveys.
Write an article about it informing your readers of the great money making and self branding opportunity that lies in it.

Make sure you promote that article properly so a lot of people sees it.

If you don’t have a website, then write an article and submit to article directories. Not all though accepts articles with affiliate links but some do.

Use Paid surveys or Make money Online forums. You can make a free report on it. Then add an email to your signature file asking people to send a blank mail to an email address to get the free report. You must have already set up a free autoresponder with your email provider.

See the article Make Money with Free Email Account on how to properly do that.

These are just some ways to promote your link.

You can also send your link to your friends and use facebook.

There are endless ways to promote this. Think of more. You will be asking someone to download a free ebook. You normally wouldn’t have to do much to convince them.

Did I prove you wrong?

I believe I did!

I wish you all the best.